Small Business Loans

Small Business Loans

Types of Business Loans Available:

Revenue Advances

Funding is given to existing businesses, primarily based on the cash flow of the business. Clients typically obtain a loan equivalent to approximately 1 months gross income,

Commercial Real Estate

This funding program works directly with business lenders and private lenders to obtain the best terms possible for each of our clients.

Unsecured Business Credit

Business credit cards, in the business name and they do not show up on the personal credit of the guarantor. This can be done using a business partners credit if the main business owner does not qualify.

Unsecured Personal Credit

Personal credit cards, or possibly loans or lines of credit (based on qualifications). Funding amounts are aggregate totals obtained from multiple banks

Business Term Loan

A low interest loan from a bank or a non bank lender. Needs Ranges from $25K to $5M. Typically 3 to 10 year loans starts at 6%.

Equipment Leasing

Clients obtain equipment leases. Works for a broad variety of equipment, and even potentially can go towards a store remodel.

Retirement Finance

A suite of products for people who have money saved in retirement accounts (401k, IRA, etc). These programs allow people to use these funds for business or investing purposes without tax penalties.

Personal Loans

Get a personal loan into your bank account within 2 weeks. Comes with monthly payments over 3, 5, or 7 years. Rates from 6.9% to 18.9%.

Below are two of our preferred Business Funding Companies: